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New Firmware Update For ADDAC101 & ADDAC111 .WAV Players!

We've released a new Update for our .Wav Player modules!

And while on these we also offer a significant price drop in BOTH modules!

The pdf below features all info regarding upgrading the ADDAC101 and ADDAC111 Module, including necessary hardware, physical connections and download links.

ADDACSystem .WAV Players Firmware Update Guide:

Last update version: 
ADDAC101: D7, February 5th, 2018
ADDAC111: E0, February 5th, 2018

Changes Log:
.On OSX no need to eject the card through a special App.
             - Files still need to be named as before.
.Small correction regarding synchronization when triggering a file.

.ADDAC111 now supports up to 72 files.