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New Firmware Update for ADDAC207, introducing new Transpose method!

We've just released  a new Firmware for our ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer!

Inspired by the Mylar Melodies video we're introducing a new Transposition method, as up to now the Quantizer would only transpose the scale defined by the user, now it also transposes the incoming CV!

Download the Firmware Update Guide .pdf file from the module webpage, all instructions and download links in the .pdf:

L_2 updates log:
.New Transposition method:
   - Now on the Assign Menu you can select Button 11 (A#) to assign the CV input to the old Scale Transposition mode (used to be Button 1).
   - You can also select Button 1 (C) to assign the Transposition to the Channels input cv, offseting the incoming notes like a voltage adder would but          keeping the notes in the same scale.
   - You can also Select both Button 1 and 11 to Transpose both the Scale and the Incoming notes.