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Introducing ADDAC809 Chain Router

Posted on 2022-06-16 10:47

ADDAC809 is a dynamic CV operated I/O router that allows one source (Audio or CV) to be routed through 2 different chains (of one or more modules) before being sent to an output. This small utility module solves this issue on the fly without having to repatch anything.

Introducing ADDAC311 Ultra Floor Control

Posted on 2022-04-27 18:15

Most musicians use their feet as an extension of their playing, either pushing piano pedals, sustain pedals, guitar pedals...
We find that feet have been underrated while using modulars, in the past we released a series of modules using sustain and expression pedals for triggering or controlling signals to help breaking the ice. While these are small and still usefull for simple uses we wanted to create something more specific this time.

Our new solution features 5 footswitches and 5 inputs for external expression pedals with independent controls for each.

Introducing ADDAC900PDO & ADDAC900PDN Power Delay PCBs

Posted on 2022-02-22 23:57

This small board was designed to bring some extra flexibility and customization regarding powering up a modular system.

This small board allows to time the deployment of power to a specific module, it can delay each power line independently by 3 seconds, meaning that after powering up your modular it will wait for 3 seconds until it will provide power to the specific module connected to it. This delay time can also be customized by the user replacing a couple capacitors.

There are also creative and useful uses, for example plug it to those specific modules that "drive" your patch, like a sequencer or a clock and have them power up later so that other modules have time to start up and stabilize before starting up the clock. Go even deeper in this idea and have diferent 900PDs with diferent capacitors that will allow you to "program" a sequential module power up, useful for generative patches that run on a power timer in exhibitions and galleries.

This pcb will be plugged onto your busboard and, in turn, allow a ribbon power cable to be connected to it.

There are 2 models ADDAC901PDO for Old style Busboards and ADDAC901PDN for New style Busboards