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At ADDAC System we have been quietly taking actions towards better sustainability practices. 
We understand the challenges in the electronics industry but still strive to make a difference where we can.

Our focus is on longevity.
We craft each module with meticulous attention, ensuring quality and durability, hoping they will pass through generations never to be disposed of or end up in landfills. 

We prioritize eco-friendly plastic free packaging.
We use an industrial cardboard perforator to transform and repurpose all cardboard from all the packages we receive into shredded cushion material, mostly used as filling material to protect the products during transportation.

We ship our modules inside paper bags surrounded by filling material in standard recycled boxes.
Overall not the best looking boxes, but 100% recyclable.

Over 30% of our electricity comes from renewable sources

We follow waste separation practices in all office activities.

All wood used in our frames carries FSC and PEFC certifications, sourced responsibly from managed forests.