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VCC Ethernet
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The ADDAC00x is a family of expansion modules that add functionality to your Voltage Controlled Computer (ADDAC001 VCC).

With the ADDAC007 you’ll get Ethernet I/O, so you can use your VCC with an Internet or OSC application, which can both send or receive data. It can be assigned to any specific parameter on your VCC program, like for example controlling the speed of an LFO or trigger a specific function.

Other interesting usages are controlling your synth remotely from a browser or connect it to any realtime data application on the web, such as a server feed of weather conditions or stock market.

Finally you can also connect your VCC to a router and have wireless connectivity to your synth, useful for applications like iPhone or iPad controllers.


1 Ethernet connection
Enables Internet access
Provides OSC protocol connectivity
Can be connected to a wireless router


. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 8 HP
. Depth: 7 cm

. Connects directly to ADDAC001
. Max current: 200mA