Instruments for Sonic Expression


This is our passion put into work!

Introducing 5 new modules in 300 Series Expressive Controls

We’ve been silently working on a few solutions for new/diferent expression aproaches, from a whole range of ideas we came out with 5, compact, straight forward modules that we’re very happy with! 

Here’s the newcomers to our ADDAC300 Expressive Controls Series:

From left to right:
ADDAC300 Power Starvation
ADDAC301 Floor Control
ADDAC301B Dual Expression Attenuator
ADDAC301C Dual Sustain Switcher
ADDAC303 Muscle Sensing

Introducing ADDAC Voltage Controlled Stompboxes

These utility “Stompboxes” were developed thinking in guitar pedal setups and engineered to allow flexibility and new ways to interconnect them while preserving all of the input tone. We guarantee no tone difference when plugging instruments through them. 

Vactrol based VCA at instrument level allows CV control over the audio signal of any of your pedals without the need to change from line to synth levels. 

Due to the linear behaviour of our VCA, it allows to turn most expression pedals into one the best volume pedals you’ll ever experience. When using expression pedals they will offer smoother and better control of volume. This also means you won’t have the typical drastic boost at the end of the pedal. 

Pete Swanson @ ADDAC Studio

In a colaboration with ZDB (one of the most emblematic Lisbon venues) it's been our pleasure to have Pete Swanson in residence at our studio working on new music. He will also perform tomorrow, (thursday, Jan 9th) at ZDB.

More info on the event here: