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Intuitive Quantizer
350,00 €


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4 Voices of Quantization with 10 Octaves range 

Keyboard Mode (using Buttons as triggers)
User definable Scales: any scale is possible.
Simple Intuitive menu with settings such as:
User definable NOTES Intervals for Chord generation
Quantization types: Above, Below, Ignore
Definable Gate Out Length
Octave Offsets
Menu Reaction Time can be adjusted and saved.
Assignable CV Input for Menu Functions
5 Diferent Scale Temperaments including Bohlen-Pierce
Microtonal options for more than 12 notes per Octave
Transpose through CV input
Compatible with both Moog and Buchla Standards
Independent Voice Fine Tunning 
Tuning Reset to 1v/perOctave
Tuning settings safely stored in non-volatile memory.
11 User Presets for easy recalling User’s favorite scales and settings.



. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 10 HP
. Depth: 5.2 cm

Control Voltage I/O:
. CV inputs: ± 5v
. CV outputs: +10v


. Max current: +140mA/-70mA
. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector


Here's a review video from MylarMelodies, fullscreen recommended!

Firmware Update

The pdf below features all info regarding upgrading the ADDAC207 Module, including necessary hardware, physical connections and download links.

ADDAC207 Firmware Update Guide:

Last update version: L_3,  February, 12th, 2018

L_3 updates:
. Added the functionality to save in the presets the new Assign function introduced in update L2.

L_2 updates:
Inspired by the Mylar Melodies video we're introducing a new Transposition method, as up to now the Quantizer would only transpose the scale defined by the user, now it also transposes the incoming CV!
.New Transposition method:
  - Now on the Assign Menu you can select Button 11 (A#) to assign the CV input to the old Scale Transposition mode (used to be Button 1).
  - You can also select Button 1 (C) to assign the Transposition to the Channels input cv, offseting the incoming notes like a voltage adder would but          keeping the notes in the same scale.
  - You can also Select both Button 1 and 11 to Transpose both the Scale and the Incoming notes. 

K_4 updates:
.Corrected issue with saving and recalling Presets.