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Introducing ADDAC405 VC Relabi Generator

Posted on 2020-10-20 21:12

In 2009 John Berndt coined and defined the term Relabi in his essay “Relabi”: Patterns of Self-Erasing Pulse (here), these are his own words: “Relabi, Def.: The experience of a palpably coordinated plurality of events that appears to be cyclical but simultaneously suspends identification of a uniform pattern, preventing a resolved sense of pulse. Relabi therefore seems equally pulsed and unpulsed at the same time. It is an experiential gestalt, a quality of experience, greater than the sum of its parts (it forms a sustained unity in experience, albeit of a new kind).”
He also makes the question: “Why would anyone want this Relabi experience? I maintain that much of what is exciting in musical forms involves an interplay between the setting up and denying of pulse expectations.”

Introducing ADDAC Stand

Posted on 2020-10-19 12:52

This is our stand solution for Eurorack Frames but also compatible with other musical hardware.
The angle is adjustable from 7 to 70 degrees and can easilly be adjusted to your preference no matter if you prefer playing standing up or sitting down.
No tools are needed to change the angles, we use a winged nut for easy manual operation.
Sold as a Pair.

Introducing ADDAC605 VC Spectral Tilt

Posted on 2020-09-03 08:42

Introducing ADDAC Wheeled Cart

Posted on 2020-08-14 16:06

Introducing ADDAC Cable Bridge and Hook

Posted on 2020-07-09 14:40

Two new accessories to keep your cables organized, a Bridge and a Hook!