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Switching Sequencer
260,00 €


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This is a Quad Channel Switcher


.4 inputs to 1 output or 1 input to 4 outputs for both audio or voltage (AC/DC)
.Clock input with clock division knob
.Skip step & reset sequence push buttons and trigger controls
.Direction with cv control to play sequence backwards, pendulum or forward.
.Each step features  skip, play or hold functions
.Digital inverted output which offers "Fuzz" like sounds when using audio.
.4 monitor leds to show the actual state.

Among many other possibilities it allows to:

.Turn any 4x4 step sequencer into a 16 step sequencer.
.Scramble sequences with diferent clock division settings.
.Route 1 audio or voltage signal to 4 diferent destinations.
.Switch between 4 audio or voltage signals.


Format: Eurorack
Width: 8 HP
Depth: 3.5 cm
Max current: +80mA/-40mA
Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector

Interactive Users Guide

In order to better illustrate the behavior of this module we developed a javascript app for potential users to test and better understand the module’s inherent features.

This guide features all the functions of the real hardware module plus a graphical display that resembles an oscilloscope and a very simple sound engine as if the module output was plugged straight into the CV input of a VCO.

The audiovisual experience of using this application makes it a very effective demonstration of the module’s operation.



Also available is the offline Java App cross compatible with the three main operating systems.