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In our quest to bring more tools to the hands of Modular Synthesizer users, we’ve created a new solution that we believe many of you will find of much convenience. 
A dedicated 19’’ Utility Patch Bay to sweep aside all typical jack size issues (how do I go from here to there? where did I put my adapters?). With this solution we hope to bring a simple yet effective unification among 1/8’’ and 1/4’’ jacks in a standard 19‘’ inch 1U rack format.

The 911B model also incorporates 4 XLR inputs for convenience when using an external sound card with its inputs on the back, this offers an easy way to access the back inputs of your soundcard straight from the front of your rack.
Plug all your other gear with the convenience of no adapters and in a patch bay fashion for convenience and long-term reliability. Use the white printed areas to write down what is plugged where and forget about re-routing cables over and over again.
Plug your studio through it, be it other synths, guitar pedals, soundcard, mixer, you name it, use the back inputs to hide all the necessary cabling and conveniently access them from the front panel either with 
1/4‘’ or 1/8’’ jacks.
Split a stereo signal from a 1/4’’ cable into two 1/8’’ or combine two mono signals from two 1/8’’ into one 1/4’’ stereo cable.
Use it as a simple adapter, going from 1/4’’ to 1/8’’ and/or vice-versa.



13 channels with one 3.5mm jack and two 1/4'' jacks (front and back).
Jacks are connected in parallel, just like a passive multiple. 
They are compatible with both Stereo and Mono cables.

2 channels with one Stereo 1/4'' jack splitting, Left and Right, into two 3.5mm Mono jacks.

4 channels with Female XLRs in the front and Male XLRs on the back.

19 white areas for user labeling convenience.

19'' 1U Passive rack, 6cm deep, ±700gm weight.

Good quality Amphenol connectors used.

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