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Price: 450€



We're all gear lovers and we know how hard it is to achieve the perfect working setup, different factors come to play: space constraints, ergonomics and aesthetics to name only a few. With these ideas in mind we designed a cart to be a side companion to any musician's main desk, designed to house most standalone music devices, pedals, drum machines, desktop and small keyboard synths and what not.

This is a customizable cart expandable up to 12 drawers where the user can also set their custom heights to fit any hardware from any brand. There's 12 sets of pre-drilled holes every 5cm in height.

Bottom shelf fits smaller pedal boards

Top and bottom platforms and all drawers have a high front and back lip to prevent hardware slippage.

Large 10cm caster wheels allow smooth movement around the room, lockable wheels are optional.

19” Rack Compatibility:
Because the cart is wider than standard 19" racks we created rack extensions to be installed by the user at their preference. These allow an easy installation of patchbays, soundcards or any other rack gear.

Estimated Shipping Costs:
Within EU: 240€
USA: 320€
JP/AU: 490€

Extra Drawers and Accessories:
Extra Short Drawer: €50/ea
Extra Long Drawer: €60/ea
Rack Adapters: €10/pair
Lockable wheels: €5/pair

Drawers Setup

Drawers Setup

Drawers can be purchased independently and easily installed by the user as your setup expands over time.

Drawers can be installed at every 5cm in height to fit any hardware device.

Pre-drilled holes are already made and heights can be easily changed at any time to adapt to any evolving setup.

Drawers can also be removed entirely, a small lever inside the drawer runner allows the drawer to be removed from the cart allowing easy installation of hardware.



Top & Bottom shelves dimensions:

Top Shelf:
Width 63cm
Depth: 29cm

Bottom Shelf:
Width 58.5cm
Depth: 41.5cm

Drawers useable area dimensions:
Width 55.5cm
Short Drawer Depth: 27.5cm
Long Drawer Depth: 32cm

17Kg / 37.5 Pounds


Sidings: Wenge veneer plywood
Metal: Black electrostatic painted Aluminium


Extra Short Drawer: 50€
Extra Long Drawer: 60€
Rack Adapters: €10/pair
Lockable wheels: €5/pair

Prices shown exclude VAT, outside EU all orders are VAT free.