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Price: 740.00 €



ADDAC901PD – Dual 12U Portable Frame

Lightweight Eurorack Format 12U Frame
Foldable stands for 17º desktop positioning
Plug n'Play 

85HP per Row

170HP Total

Made in Aluminium with sidings in 19mm Poplar Plywood with Wenge veneer

- Width: 45 cm
- Height: 27 cm
- Depth: 22.5 cm

Weight: 4.5kg

Maximum module depth: 6cm (~2.3 inch)

Power Specifications:
- Input: 110v to 220v  
- Output: ±12V
- Current per Frame: 1.5A on +12V, 1.5A on -12V
- Our busboards already provide +5V 
Compatible with our SO-NO-RO-A Modular Backpack:

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