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Price: 640.00 €



ADDAC901TA – Tabletop Aluminium Closed Frame

Eurorack Format 12U Plug n'Play Frame
Ships Assembled
[All frames now ship with Black Rails]

85HP per Row
340HP Total

2 Leds located in the bottom right show ±12V power status.

Made in Aluminium with sidings in 18mm Poplar Plywood with Wenge veneer

- Width: 45 cm
- Height: 18 cm
- Depth: 58 cm

- 5,2Kg

Maximum module depth:
Bottom row : 7.5cm (~3 inch)
Top row: 10cm (~4 inch)

Power Specifications:
- Input: 110v to 220v  
- Output: ±12V
- Current: 2.4A on +12V; 2.4A on -12V
- Our busboards already provide +5V (Draws from +12V, 500mA per busboard)

Note: All specifications and features are subject to change without previous notice.

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