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Price: 75€ (Pair)



This is our stand solution for Eurorack Frames but also compatible with other musical hardware.
The angle is adjustable from 7 to 70 degrees and can easily be adjusted to your preference no matter if you prefer playing standing up or sitting down.
Each stand is comprised of two pairs each with 4 pieces each: the main resting piece and 3 interchangeable pieces that can be swapped for different angle ranges. These interchangeable pieces slide on the main resting piece to get the precise angle desired.

No tools are needed to change the 3 different pieces or the angles, we use a winged nut for easy manual operation.

Sold as a Pair.

Material: Black electrostatic painted iron
Weight: 850gm

Individual Dimensions: 
Height: 29.5cm
Width: 4cm
Depth: 8cm

We were unable to test it with all the frames and synths in the market, please mention your frame/synthesizer model and brand when ordering and we'll advise about compatibility.
Mainly if the frame has protruding feet at the bottom it won't work for the whole specified angle range; at steeper angles the feet will hit the table and won't allow a flush fit.

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