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Price: 300.00 €



This is Version 2 of this module, Updated in order to be skiff friendly!

With the ADDAC102 FM Radio you'll be able to tune-in FM radio. Besides the ability of station broadcasts as sound generators for your synthesis, you can also have a lot of fun with the fact that its a great noise generator. Static picks up all kinds of great electromagnetic interference!

It provides controls like tune, volume and seek (all of them controllable through CV input) and there's two outputs for stereo sound.



Tune: sets the radio frequency 87.5 to 108 MHz
Volume: sets the output volume
Mute: Hard mutes the output signal
Seek Up/Down: seeks the next radio station
Search Up/Down: adds/subtracts 0.1Mhz or 0.2Mhz to the current frequency depending if in EU or US respectively.

Stereo output indicator led
External wire antenna via 2.5mm jack

There are 2 jumpers on the top right of the back pcb:

SMUTE OFF (no jumper)  / ON (with jumper)
Soft mute is a digital radio feature that automatically reduces the output volume if no station is detected.
If you plan to use the radio noise as a source do not place the jumper, if noise is undesired then use the jumper.

EU (no jumper)  / US (with jumper)
North American FM broadcast channels are spaced at every 200KHz frequencies: 99MHz, 99.2MHz, etc. In Europe, channels are spaced at every of 100KHz frequencies. If you plan to use it as a noise source use the EU setting, if you're planning to use it to mainly tune to radio stations and located in the US then use the jumper.

There's a special firmware for Japanese radio frequency range (76Mhz to 96Mhz).
Other ranges are also possible, contact us if you're located in Japan.




. Format: Eurorack

. Width: 8 HP

. Depth: 5 cm

Control Voltage I/O:
. CV inputs: ±10v
. Gate in threshold: 2.5v


. Compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies

. Max current: 100mA

. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector



HD Video, Fullscreen Recommended!

Custom Panel

Custom Panel

In case you're wondering: Sure! We can get you a custom coloured front panel for the ADDAC102.
It has an additional cost of 55€ and takes 4 to 6 weeks to be ready.

It can be done in either Black, Green, Blue, White, Silver Gray, Yellow, or Gold.

Please note: we don’t stock custom coloured panels. For every custom order we need to make a single panel order from our panel provider. This explains the panel price and lead time.

Prices shown exclude VAT, outside EU all orders are VAT free.