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Price: 180.00 €



This module introduces a totally new interaction principle for the Eurorack format, using electrodes to sense body muscles tension.
You can stick them to your arm and clench your fist, to your leg and tap your tempo, to your band bass player or drummer... you name it.

Gain knob adjusts the output's voltage range (±10V)
Offset adjusts initial range position (±10V)
Smooth switch allows hard and soft smoothing of the raw sensor output.
Positive and inverted CV Outputs
Comparator Gate out with Threshold knob

Module ships with electrodes.
Pads are reusable and replaceable.

Additional Accessories:
Electrodes Jack: 25€
10 Pad pack: 6€


. Width: 4 HP 
. Depth: 4 cm
. Max current: 60mA

. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector

Note: All specifications and features are subject to change without previous notice.



HD Video, Fullscreen Recommended!


Here's a lovely piece by Bertolt Meyer using 2 of our ADDAC303


And a great in depth video from Bertolt Meyer sharing some tips and explaining his methodology when using the 303's

Custom Panel

Custom Panel

In case you're wondering: Sure! We can get you a custom coloured front panel for the ADDAC303.
It has an additional cost and takes 4 to 6 weeks to be ready.

It can be done in either Black, Green, Blue, White, Silver Gray, Yellow, or Gold.

Please note: we don’t stock custom coloured panels. For every custom order we need to make a single panel order from our panel provider. This explains the panel price and lead time.

Prices shown exclude VAT, outside EU all orders are VAT free.