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Price: 380€



Most musicians use their feet as an extension of their playing, either pushing piano pedals, sustain pedals, guitar pedals...
We find that feet have been underrated while using modulars; in the past we released a series of modules using sustain and expression pedals for triggering or controlling signals to help breaking the ice. While these are small and still useful for simple uses we wanted to create something more specific this time.

Our new solution features 5 footswitches and 5 inputs for external expression pedals with independent controls for each.

We wanted to save HP rack space and so created an external floor pedal with all the footswitches and controls keeping the module HP to the minimum possible featuring only the 10 outputs and the connector to the external floor pedal.

6Hp module
External floor pedal (32x15x6cm,1kg)
3 meters DB25 connector cable (optional purchase)
5 Footswitches with 0 +5v Gate outputs and state led monitor
5 Expression pedals inputs with -5v +5v CV outputs and 2 state led monitors

Expression Pedals standards, TRS, RTS, TS, what???
There are many expression pedals in the market and although the most common one is the TRS pedal there are 2 other standards: RTS and TS.
All five ADDAC311 inputs expect TRS pedals, if you’re looking into buying one choose a TRS pedal.
If you already have other pedals channel 4 features jumpers that can be switched in order to be used with a RTS pedal.
Channel 5 features a jumper that can be switched in order to be used with a TS pedal.

External expression pedals are required for their outputs to work.
External expression pedals are not included.

In order to function, the ADDAC311 Ultra Floor Control needs a DB25 Cable.
We opted for not including it in the module price in direct purchases, given some customers may want a specific cable length, or already have their own cable.
If you do want a DB25 Cable, we offer 2 high quality studio multicore cable length options:
- 3 meter cable for additional 30€.
- 7.5 meter cable for additional 50€.
Remember to mention your preference when you purchase your ADDAC311 from us!

Note: All specifications and features are subject to change without previous notice.

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