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Following our ADDC503 Marble Physics here is a new simulation of a physical system. This time imagine a small area in the middle of the ocean, in this area we place 4 equally spaced buoys anchored to the bottom in such a system that we can control the spacing between the buoys. Imagine we can control the elements and agitate the waters at will which in turn will make the buoys move up and down as the water surface moves.

Finally imagine the buoys would wirelessly transmit their absolute height directly to your module outputs where they would be mapped to a voltage signal.

We use a Gerstner Wave as the motor behind the two-dimensional wave generation. In fluid dynamics a Gerstner Wave is described as “a progressive wave of permanent form on the surface of an incompressible fluid of infinite depth”. Gerstner waves are often used in computer graphics to simulate any type of water surface, if you’ve seen any animation film or computer game with water surfaces in it most probably it features a Gerstner wave generating it.


Tech Specs:
4.5cm deep
70mA +12V
40mA -12V



Firmware Update

Firmware Update

Here's the procedure for updating your ADDAC508 Firmware
1. First you need to download this App:
2. Next download and unpack the Firmware file:

3. Open the App, go to: File>Open HEX File and choose the .hex file downloaded.

4. Remove your module from the frame but keep it connected to your busboard and keep power ON.

5. Find the micro usb connector located at the bottom of the module and plug a usb cable to your computer.

6. Look for a small white push button on the small board where the USB is connected to, use some plastic tool like a credit card or id card (metal may short some pins when reaching in) to reach in and press the button once.

7. On your computer hit upload on the teensy loader app, wait for it to complete and you're all done.




Last update version: D_5,  April, 23rd, 2024

D_5 Changes Log:
* FIXED: An issue where at maximum speed the module controls will become irresponsive after a few minutes.

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