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At ADDAC System we love what we do and and can't help but sharing the love we have for the modular world of synthesizers, love to talk about them and teaching people all about it.

Recently we have been invited to develop a workshop for a festival and we now decided to share it here and we're open to do it anywhere in the world. 

If you're promoting an event and would like to invite us for such a workshop just drop us a line to inquire about details.


Op-Amps - The Work Horse of Analog Electronics

With this workshop we plan to approach the world of analog synthesizers by teaching everything about operational amplifiers (Op-amps) the work horse in electronic circuit design. The Op-amp is the basic electronics building block, it can make almost everything you’ll need to transform/condition any analog signal (mixing, buffering, inverting, amplifying, comparating) or be used to create oscillators, filters and many other building blocks of analog synthesizers.

Intended for electronic enthusiasts that already had their hands burnt with diy electronics (everything from circuit bending to arduino) and wants to go deeper in the subject consolidating their electronics knowledge in a hands-on-it workshop environment where theory and practice goes hand in hand.