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ADDAC813 is a straight forward stereo mixer. Featuring 5 stereo channels, 4 of them with attenuators, a mono send/return path for parallel processing plus stereo and mono outputs

Four channels with stereo input and gain knob. Fifth channel with stereo input without gain knob, which are the prefered inputs to cascade several ADDAC813s when more channels are needed. Master Output controls the level of the Inputs mix. Two leds monitor the inputs mix.

Mono Send / Return return path allows for easy integration of mono effects in a stereo chain. Plug your favorite module through it (filter, bbd delay, spring reverb...) or any mono pedal.

The Return Gain works in parallel with the Master Output, just like regular wet / dry controls.
The send output can be configured to be line or synth level via a jumper in the back.

Stereo output sums the Inputs Mix with the Return signal.
The Mono output is the sum of Left and Right outputs

Effect Pedals
Using the send output at Line level, the user can connect the send output directly into mono effect pedals and have the pedals output connected directly into the return input without the need of an attenuator/amplifier module.

Tech Specs:
4 cm deep
50mA +12V
50mA -12V


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