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Price: 860€



The ADDAC112S Standalone VC Looper & Granular Processor is a portable compact solution for a standalone ADDAC112.

Whether you're already an Eurorack aficionado with no empty rack space or still just curious about this whole environment but not yet ready to fully commit to it, this standalone desktop option makes it easy to integrate the ADDAC112 in non-eurorack setups as a desktop processing unit.

This combo was designed specifically for ADDAC112 and provides all the necessary power through a convenient USB-C connector. 

The frame features retractable feet that can be adjusted to a 30-degree angle, allowing for a convenient ergonomic use.

The frame's compact design will complement any setup and make a statement on your desk or floorboard. Its sturdy construction will protect your device and keep it secure, while its adjustable angle provides a convenient and ergonomic viewing and access to the unit's controls.

The ADDAC112S and SF require an external US 5V adapter with a minimum of 2A.
90-degree USB-C to USB-A cable included.

USB-C connector for power delivery
±200mA maximum current
Two 2x8 Boxed IDC Connectors

width: 27cm
height: 17cm
depth: 5.7cm


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