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Price: 100€



This is a new revision of one of our first modules, back from 2010.

Now more compact in 6hp and with an Offset CV input.

The incoming signal amplitude is controlled by a [GAIN] attenuverter circuit allowing to attenuate the signal as well as invert its phase.
A back jumper can set the maximum gain amount to either x1 (unity gain) or x10. DIY modifications can be made by changing its resistors.
After the Gain an offset can be added to the signal, displacing the signal up or down (-5V to +5V) this can be adjusted using the [OFFSET] knob and CV input

When using no input using the [OFFSET] knob and CV input will generate an output between -5V and +5V.

This module is also available as a full DIY kit.

Tech Specs:
2.5 cm deep
40mA +12V
40mA -12V

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