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Price: 80.00 €



The ADDAC213B is the second pair of modules from our Eurorack Bridge system!

A pair of ADDAC213Bs can be used in standalone to send/receive 8 CV or audio signals between different points inside the same case or as an expansion to the main pair of Eurorack Bridge modules, the ADDAC213As.

Standalone use

Two ADDAC213B modules can be connected to each other with the use of a single ribbon cable and then used inside a case to carry signals between distant points without the need for long cables. Less clatter, less spaghetti, more space of your fingers on those knobs! 

ADDAC213Bs always come in pairs. A single pair can send & receive up to 8 CV or audio signals between different points in your case at the same time. The modules can be installed in normal position or a 180 degree position to fit any need.

Do you have modules that you often use together in different areas of your case? Would you prefer that each row’s cables don’t mingle with cables from other rows? Grab yourself a pair of ADDAC213s.

As an Expansion to an ADDAC213A

Each ADDAC213B connected to the backside of an ADDAC213A adds 8 more channels to the main bridging functionality of the ADDAC213A.

Up to 2 ADDAC213B can be connected to an ADDAC213A module, expanding the bridging between two difference cases to a total of 24 channels.
If you’re looking for a simple one-cable bridge between your various cases, then look no further than the ADDAC213A.

Between the ADDAC213A pair and the ADDAC213B, your cases never looked so elegantly connected together!
Each module can be installed in normal position or at 180 degrees.

Price is for a pair of modules (2 modules) including two 50cm ribbon cables, only one is used to connect the two ADDAC213B together but two are necessary when connecting the two ADDAC213B to two ADDAC213A.

Custom ribbon cable sizes also available upon request. 
Modular Grid: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/addac-system-addac213b


. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 3 HP
. Depth: 2.5 cm
Passive / Does not draw current
Ribbon Cable: 50cm or 100cm ribbon cable (custom sizes available upon request)

Note: All specifications and features are subject to change without previous notice.



HD Video, Fullscreen Recommended!

Custom Panel

Custom Panel

In case you're wondering: Sure! We can get you a custom coloured front panel for the ADDAC213B.
It has an additional cost and takes 4 to 6 weeks to be ready.

It can be done in either Red, Green, Blue, White, Silver Gray, Yellow, or Gold.

Please note: we don’t stock custom coloured panels. For every custom order we need to make a single panel order from our panel provider. This explains the panel price and lead time.



This module is also available as a DIY Kit from ThonkExploding Shed, and Synthcube.
Here's the detailed step by step Assembly Guide Pdf:

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