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Price: 140€



Another addition to our ADDAC300’s Expressive Controls series

This module converts the incoming light hitting an external light sensor into 2 Bipolar CV Streams:
Output: More light > Higher CV output
Inverted Output: More light > Lower CV output

The external sensor is enclosed in a jack socket in order to be used with any standard jack cable and be able to place it in any place outside the eurorack frame.

There are several controls to adjust the CV Output’s signals:
Adjusts the Light Sensor sensitivity to Light
The Higher the sensitivity the better it responds to low light situations

3 fixed settings (medium/fast/slow) to set the slew applied to the raw signal coming from the sensor.

Sets the gain for both outputs

Adjusts the Offset for the main Output.

Inverted Offset:
Adjusts the Offset for the Inverted Output.


This module is also available as a full DIY kit.

±50mA 4.5cm deep

Note: All specifications and features are subject to change without previous notice.



Here's a lovely video from Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner putting the ADDAC308 to good use!

Fullscreen recommended!

Custom Panel

Custom Panel

In case you're wondering: Sure! We can get you a custom coloured front panel for the ADDAC308.
It has an additional cost and takes 4 to 6 weeks to be ready.

At the moment the ADDAC308 standard panel colour is Black.

A custom colour panel can be done in either Red, Green, Blue, White, Silver Gray, Yellowed Silver, and Dark or Light Bronze.

Print colour varies between Black, White, or Red, Blue and Green. We recommend lighter-tone print for darker panels, and vice-versa.

Please note: we don’t stock custom coloured panels. For every custom order we need to make a single panel order from our panel provider. This explains the panel price and lead time.



This module is also available as a DIY Kit.
It costs 82.50€ (Excl. VAT).
You can also get it from distributors listed on our Order page.

Here's the detailed step by step Assembly Guide Pdf:

Prices shown exclude VAT, outside EU all orders are VAT free.